'Many thanks for the presentation it was most informative and thought stimulating. The group and a few others who were nearby and overheard all commented on how interesting they were in the topic and the engaging delivery.'
Rebecca Wyles, HLM Architects


'The team found it interesting and thought provoking. It was great to receive a talk on a somewhat unusual and quirky topic where the speaker demonstrated great passion and knowledge on the subject.'
Karolina Skonieczna, Gillespies


'Many thanks for the presentation and yesterday’s seminar. It was really interesting and inspiring to see people who are so vested in what they do.'
Nic Lee, Allen Pyke Associates


'The CPD was very well received and there have been some interesting discussions on the subject since then.'
Tiago Dias, LDA Design


'The ideas and enthusiastic design approach you presented at the ‘Teenage Kicks’ seminar were very well received by my colleagues and provoked some interesting discussions afterwards.'
Karolina Skonieczna, Gillespies


'It was nice to meet furniture suppliers who are passionate about good design. I particularly liked that you analyzed the tendency of people’s behavior and responses. I don’t see many furniture designers who look into that aspect.'
Yukako Takanashi, Colour : Urban Design


‘We were all really impressed with the products that you offer, and found it such a refreshing change to actually hear about the design philosophy behind the products, and be inspired by the presentation rather than spending a hour with someone trying to do the hard sell.’
Rick Wild, Ryder Landscape Consultants


‘Citysquared’s CPD presentation on the nature of the public realm was a very intelligent one, which went from psychology to design concepts, to manufacture of public furniture.’
Toby Blackman, Allies and Morrison


‘Citysquared design urban street furniture and signage, and while there are a lot of companies out there, this was interesting because the firm really go into the psychology behind the users, why and where people sit and rest. What was good was all the research they have done particularly with regard to young kids and where they choose to hang out. External works and landscaping are usually the first casualties of value engineering exercises, so furniture like this makes proving the argument to clients that little bit easier.’
Charles Scott, Sheppard Robson


‘The seminar was very interesting and different from our usual “our products are the greatest” seminars.’
Charles Mckay, DLA Architecture


'Tristan gave a thought provoking presentation. The increase of technology in the public realm is an interesting and rapidly evolving topic. Very interesting to see the new technologies predicted in augmented reality which could have a big impact on the future of public space, from way-finding to play.'
Steve McCoy, Place Design + Planning


‘Could you convey our thanks to Tristan and Harry for the cpd on Wednesday – we all thought it was excellent.’
Liz Bryant, Allen Pyke Associates


'Thank you very much for coming to our office and presenting to us last week. My colleagues and I found the topic of research particularly interesting and your presentation intriguing.'
May Tang, John McAslan + Partners


'The CPD was well received by all'
Christopher Thomas, Broadway Malyan

'Thank you to both Tristan and Harry for coming down to present the CPD last Thursday, also please let them know that we received positive feedback from the audience.'
Jenny, Sheppard Robson


'I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to Tristan for his recent, very interesting seminar presentation. From feedback I have received I know that all those attending found it very useful and informative.'
Charles Mckay, DLA Architecture