Branding, logos and inscriptions can play an important role in the identity of a site. Area names, commemorative plaques and information can all be incorporated into products for you. The most frequent requests are screen printed symbols used for example to mark a cycle route, memorial inscriptions carved into a bench’s backrest, and the addition of text to a product to indicate a road or area name. Please get in touch if you have an idea you would like to include, we will endeavour to provide a solution wherever possible.

<< Size: Longer, shorter, wider, taller

<< Material: Stainless steel, mild steel, timber, granite, upholstery, rubber

<< Finish: Brushed, polished, powder coated, galvanised, oiled, painted

<< Form: Straight, curved, wall-mounted, additional accessories

<< Fixing Method: Root-fixed, surface-mounted, wall-mounted, cantilevered, removeable

Branding: Logos, inscriptions, information, advertising

Pyrography Inscription Information Sticker Screen Printed Branding Bench Inscription