The majority of our products are fabricated from Iroko hardwood timber, stainless steel or powder coated mild steel, but we know that this will not suit every scheme. Providing your required material is suitable for the application, we are happy to produce our products in any material required to suit your scheme. An alternative timber species is one of the most common requests, usually to tie in with other timber elements such as decking or cladding on a scheme. The use of upholstery rather than timber is also a regular request for clients wishing to add increased comfort to products installed internally.

<< Size: Longer, shorter, wider, taller

Material: Stainless steel, mild steel, timber, granite, upholstery, rubber

>> Finish: Brushed, polished, powder coated, galvanised, oiled, painted

>> Form: Straight, curved, wall-mounted, additional accessories

>> Fixing Method: Root-fixed, surface-mounted, wall-mounted, cantilevered, removeable

>> Branding: Logos, inscriptions, information, advertising

Oak Timber Bench Upholstered Hello Stranger Bench Upholstered Wideboy Bench 2400mm Essentials Seat