Straight, floor-fixed benches have long been the traditional choice for public realm applications, but recent years have seen a great increase in requests for curved and/or wall-mounted benches. All of our benches can be supplied with wall-mountable legs, and indeed the wall to mount them upon if required. Curved benches have become something of a speciality for us over the years, with most of our seating products having been supplied in curved form at one time or another. Making benches to order allows us to fabricate the exact radius you require, from a circle around a tree trunk up to large scale concentric curves, all available with or without backrests. Accessories are also a frequent request, with armrests and anti-skate being the usual requirement. If you are looking for any additional accessories, please contact us to see what solutions we can offer.

<< Size: Longer, shorter, wider, taller

<< Material: Stainless steel, mild steel, timber, granite, upholstery, rubber

<< Finish: Brushed, polished, powder coated, galvanised, oiled, painted

Form: Straight, curved, wall-mounted, additional accessories

>> Fixing Method: Root-fixed, surface-mounted, wall-mounted, cantilevered, removeable

>> Branding: Logos, inscriptions, information, advertising

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