Root-fixed bench legs which can be core drilled and bonded into the public realm is a secure and long lasting fixing method, however we are aware that this will not suit every project. Sites with under-floor services, roof terraces and locations where clients do not wish to fix to the floor covering will all require a different solution. Our designs can easily be modified to suit your fixing preference, or we may be able to suggest an alternative product for your consideration.

<< Size: Longer, shorter, wider, taller

<< Material: Stainless steel, mild steel, timber, granite, upholstery, rubber

<< Finish: Brushed, polished, powder coated, galvanised, oiled, painted

<< Form: Straight, curved, wall-mounted, additional accessories

Fixing Method: Root-fixed, surface-mounted, wall-mounted, cantilevered, removable

>> Branding: Logos, inscriptions, information, advertising

Wall-mounted Basic Seat Surface-mounted Leg Cantilevered Bench Removable Ground Socket