Bespoke projects are an important part of our business at Citysquared. An award winning in-house design team, combined with fabrication know-how and an excellent manufacturing network, allow us to provide our clients with a full range of bespoke services; from stand alone concept design to a one-stop shop for the design, manufacture and delivery of a bespoke project.

There are two main ways in which Citysquared can supply bespoke products for your projects: Custom-made adaptations of existing Citysquared designs to suit your scheme, and the development and realisation of a client’s own design. Both instances are regular elements of our business, making up well over half of our sales.



The vast majority of our core product ranges are made to order, guided by the rise in demand to tailor products to suit specific site criteria. This allows us to offer product flexibility in terms of size, material choice and finishes along with the introduction of additional features such as curving products to suit a specific radius, the addition of inscriptions or branding, and accessories such as backrests, armrests and anti-skate. These variations on a theme enable our clients to develop a product or collection of pieces that meet all of their requirements whilst working within various project constraints

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  3m Basic Seat With Black Ash Timber: Coronation Gardens, Wakefield  


We are regularly approached with ideas that clients would like us to develop and manufacture for them. Our in-house design and development team will take on anything from a brief, a rough sketch or specifier’s drawings, and will develop them into fully rationalised digital 3D models. From here we produce anything from rendered visuals, fabrication drawings and prototypes depending upon your requirements. The final stages we undertake are production through to delivery and installation of the finished products if required. We use a wide network of suppliers to fabricate designs in a broad range of materials, liaising with contractors and project managers to supply and/or install the products within an agree timeframe.

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  Bespoke Benches & Spinning Seats: Henry Moore Square, Castleford