Citysquared Photo Panel Hello Stranger Bench Tree's Company Planter Bench Project: Henry Moore Square, Castleford Basic Seat With Backrest Eatsuite Tables & Chairs Curved Wall Mounted Basic Seat Projects: Henry Moore Square, Castleford Orison Granite Bench Project: Home Office Building, Sheffield Porthos Bollard Deville PlanterAthos Bollard Wall-mounted Basic Seat With BackrestCantilever BenchRodeo Bench


New Bracken House, London 20/12/2018:
Bracken House rooftop redevelopment leaves Citysquared feeling sky high!
Shoreline Park, Redcar 20/01/2016:
Redcar’s Shoreline Park awash with Basic Inset benches.
Market Place, Brentford Benches 06/01/2016:
Market Place, Brentford High Street... Landscape Architect wins award for urban design.

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