Citysquared are pleased to offer a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars. These sessions have been developed from our ongoing research programme, and will be delivered by our Creative Director Tristan Williams. Tristan gained a BA (hons) from Brunell University, an MA from the Amsterdam School of the Arts, and prior to his involvement with Citysquared he spent seven years running design courses in Higher Education. The seminars will reflect this background and contain a balance of practical knowledge and conceptual thinking. The seminars will generally conform to a format enabling them to be delivered as part of a lunchtime programme.


Session 1 - Street Furniture: A Design Approach

Session 2 - Bespoke Public Realm Seating: Practical Considerations

Session 3 - Teenage Kicks

Session 4 - Virtual Street

Session 5 - High Street Metamorphosis



‘The seminar was very interesting and different from our usual “our products are the greatest” seminars.’
Charles Mckay, DLA Architecture

If you are interested in booking any of the seminars described above then please get in touch as we have a limited number of dates available.