Introduction: 5mins

Presentation: 40 mins

Question & Answers Session: 10-15min


This seminar will focus on the use and experience of the public realm by teenagers. It will provide an overview of teenage group dynamics within the urban environment, including an analysis of their seating and occupation patterns. It will discuss the idea that teenagers use the public realm in a very different way than other users, often considering it as a destination rather than a transition area. It will highlight teenage concerns about peer group intimidation and discuss the role of street based activities such as skating, dance and free running. The association of this group with antisocial behaviour such as drinking, smoking, tagging and abusive behaviour will be explored. Finally the seminar will consider the potential of the teen pound.


Session 1 - Street Furniture: A Design Approach

Session 2 - Bespoke Public Realm Seating: Practical Considerations

Session 4 - Virtual Street

Session 5 - High Street Metamorphosis