Introduction: 5mins

Presentation: 40 mins

Question & Answers Session: 10-15min


The use of technology within the public realm has been growing for a number of years. This presentation looks at some of the principles behind this with a particular focus on the personal experience of street users. It will begin by looking at how certain technologies currently play their part, and how these technologies may help to shape the future integration of the virtual and real worlds. The presentation will cover technologies such as, Bluetooth, RFID, GPS, WIFI and public display technology. It will look at the principle of mixed reality and how technology such as eye tracking, image processing and location aware internet devices will begin to blend the virtual and real worlds. The presentation will finish with some examples of the future uses for these technologies.


Session 1 - Street Furniture: A Design Approach

Session 2 - Bespoke Public Realm Seating: Practical Considerations

Session 3 - Teenage Kicks

Session 5 - High Street Metamorphosis