Introduction: 5mins

Presentation: 40 mins

Question & Answers Session: 10-15min


Over the last 5 years the face of the High Street has begun to change; this presentation is about those changes. In recent years high streets have shown an adjustment in the types of shops that are present. Competition from online retailers, supermarkets and out of town shopping centres has altered our buying habits - the blend of bricks and clicks. The social experience of a physical location is becoming more important in attracting footfall to an area. This presentation addresses the importance of professional management of town centres, which can help to develop opportunities for investment. High streets are in competition, and as with all business in competition, they need a USP, a reason to visit. Helping to create these USPs is an opportunity for innovative urban design.


Session 1 - Street Furniture: A Design Approach

Session 2 - Bespoke Public Realm Seating: Practical Considerations

Session 3 - Teenage Kicks

Session 4 - Virtual Street